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only in my dreams... triad lord

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misson reason for blog; i need to keep very serious apart from just go with it so can import things of life. #structure.

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Asian Pryde World Wide from Cali to East to SEA to NEA to Australia.concept of Shadow Cloud; the cloud is another form of a dragon, the emperor the ultimate power. The shadow is the power behind the figure head with limited liability. The corrupters and manipulators of heaven, demigods of business, scholarly works, art and war. This is shadow cloud society/clan.

know your history, know your roots, economy is the essencse of everything... time=money=numbers.

set up movie profiles and links to watch.

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Make legends remix post; make the triad
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The shadow warrior life society physolophy. To resist evil; protect whats your block; and never to intimate or bully others of innocence. True justice doesn't exist but true does. educate; resist; work.

triad lord paramilitant; gradnuated to beurocay dailo chinaheads and night warriors. shadow clanboxers; shaodw cloud true power no liability.

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Bitches blog.

Reason why this was created for ultra violent.

places for young chinas; azns
West, Hawaii and NYC.

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triad lord soldiers vs shadow clan boxers warriors of the night.
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chinaboy young china yellow ambition ty chino built that shit off your grandmas tears. 37th chamber japanese yamaguchi shanghai tang. chiese money new money. so 1990s stolen, so orignial, so gentlemanly fine and street wear. i got taht crazy shit the gentleman the boy and the lunatic. been a triad my whole life nigga know waht im talking bout?

chinese history and sectret societys wisdom = music; the power behind the power the head behind the head. f a white niggas conqust; ganglord warlord traplord dailo res prot gangstar imperial power center come back in knowledge tested and neglicted. the trilliad trillaogy Legend write it down. disrespectful yet intellectual but incognito smarts. brag boast flashy but suttle and incognito and clever. black and shadow.  sacfrice and loyality.
warlord ganglord political family clan; azn hip hop blog
im a terrible person; we live in a godless world; dedicated to azn gangstas triads; im that brand of trigga; opening post explaing what i am; structure of tumblr (blogs, pages or #)
traidlord/businessman/commuity man
secrecet societies that controlled the throne, the power behind the power; shadow clan. Japanese and templars/assasins/masons/triads.

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Triad Yakuza Gangstar History
From: Centripital of the World
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its been real out here for frontier niggas like me.
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Loyality is number one so never surrender, death is glorious. Money talks. Difference between hip hop and music.#

A Page about influecial people on history side.

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People you need to know. music you need to know. peole you should listen to, music you should listen to.
Been Real, Been Azn, Real Talk, Truth.

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Young China Concept:

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young china concept: violence, been there done that. you best catch up triggas but dont give up yellow (devine imperial huang he) ambition.
HYPEBEAST, hakka san > fuck tao. fuck white power. militant chinos. reincarnation of unifier, chinos like me ant got no alternatives, cloud mandate, boxers.
中國。東亞。azn general, young chino. TwtFbYT.
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Add why called yellow emperor and communist symbol. triads, warriors and dragon heads/riders, triggas, assasins, soldiers. been azn street wear . shadow clans lurk and learn from the dark. shadow lurker goon squad, china gang overlords.
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Korra Book 3

Korra book 3 just dropped and $hit’s bout to get real wit da Earth Kingdom. 

Dai Li ain’t to fuck wit!

People tell me I’m crazy.

I’m a God. 

Dope paramilitant suit collection by Vietto (link on pic) X Minn Hur. Hur is also one of the brainchildren along with Kevin Wang of tailored suit brand Hvrminn @ 

More here:
And here: HVRMINN: Jazz Age Elegance - Threads - YouTube
Kevin Wang’s Tumblr: Mr. Wang

The Gift Of GIFs

The Gift Of GIFs

The Gift Of GIFs

Blue Eyed Lies Since I Was Born…

Star Pulp Wars Fiction by b0ba-f3tt
Environmental Practice 5 by lostie815
Lunar Chronicles - Prince Kai by lostie815
Lunar Chronicles - Linh Cinder by lostie815
Lunar Chronicles - Queen Levana by lostie815